Jun 12, 2023 Lloyd’s Building
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Jun 14, 2023 Hotel Sofitel
Bruxelles, Belgium
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What is BIVA Day?

BIVA Day Mexico 2023 (UE + UK), is a unique opportunity for ESG advanced Mexican issuers and national industry leaders, to have an approach with the most advanced sustainable investors in Europe and the United Kingdom.

The 2023 edition in London and Brussels, will be the most ambitious in terms of scope, bringing together issuers, allies, market participants, regulators and institutional investors on the same physical spaces.

BIVA Day fulfills one of the most important purposes of the Institutional Stock Exchange: to actively contribute to the development and growth of the Mexican economy by promoting sustainable investment opportunities in order to increase local and foreign investments into projects that can accelerate the sustainable future of Mexico.

This event aims to bring together issuers and investors to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and opportunities in sustainable finance. Our goal is to create a dynamic and modern format that will allow you to engage in 1-to-1 meetings, making it an efficient event for both the buy side and the sell side.

Who is attending?

  • European and British institutional investors.
  • European Regulators and Policy Makers.
  • Think Tanks and Sustainable Finance Groups.
  • National and Regional Investment Organizations.
  • Mexican Private Sector Organizations.
  • Advanced ESG Issuers.
  • Market Participants.
BIVA Day 2023 BIVA Day 2023 BIVA Day 2023 BIVA Day 2023 BIVA Day 2023 BIVA Day 2023

Mexico's Potential

  • Ranked #16 worldwide by GDP. Projected to be #9 in 2030 (WEF) and #7 in 2050 (PWC).
  • According to the Global Competitiveness Index from the World Economic Forum Mexico ́s financial sector ranks 30th out of 141 in terms of stability.
  • 5th recipient of FDI among emerging countries.
  • +1000% growth in retail investor from 2018 to 2022.
  • Member of the G20. 14 free trade agreements with around 50 countries. #23 most complex economy in terms of the ECI.
  • 13th largest exporter in the world and the #1 in Latin America.

Diversified sources of funds to provide financial soundness to infrastructure projects: Federation Expenditure Budget, Development Banks, National Infrastructure Funds, Commercial Banks, Infrastructure Financial Market and Private Investors

  • +26 billion euros in ESG bonds (converted from MXN).
  • +200 billion USD AUM from the Pension Funds (2020).
  • +400 billion USD AUSM from the Pension Funds (2027).
  • Mexico is positioning itself as one of the main Emerging Economies to attract FDI in 2023 (US$35-40 billion driven by mainly by nearshoring).
  • Solid and growing PE & VC sector (+65 billion).
  • Largest Debt Capital Market in LAC (2022).


The High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) on scaling up sustainable finance in low and middle-income countries, gathers 20 highly qualified members selected on the basis of their expertise, and 20 representatives from the European development finance institutions and multilateral development banks, together with relevant international organizations and fora.


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